We like to think of cinema as a collective ritual, a way to create and consolidate relationships among members of a community and strengthen the bond with the places where we live. Cinema, then, especially outdoors, in spaces where we certainly wouldn't expect a screen to appear.


Thanks to an inflatable, agile and versatile screen that knows how to grab viewers' attention, Cinemambulante takes cinema where it no longer is or has never been. The traveling exhibition, which in the summer of 2024 will reach its ninth edition, makes stops in six different municipalities in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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Cinemambulante includes a cycle of six screenings in unprecedented locations for film shows in places of particular landscape and naturalistic interest in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Six days of immersion in the natural and cinematographic world, involving the public in a journey that leads them to discover the beauty of places, thanks to the mediation of cinema. The programme is structured as follows:

  • An afternoon walk with a nature guide, someone who knows how to tell the story of the environment that characterizes the places traversed, and a filmmaker who helps the audience look at the context through her/his eyes
  • An outdoor picnic organized in collaboration with local producers
  • The screening of a film produced in FVG contextualized in a green area or rural setting

All activities are free and open to the public (except the food and wine part for a fee and by reservation) and take place between July and August

From an inclusivity perspective, the key word for any outdoor screening is "accessibility," and when we talk about accessibility needs we address everyone: families with children, elderly people, people with cognitive, motor or sensory disabilities, including people with special dietary needs. In fact, we pay attention to the aspect of inclusion by supervising the locations of the six Cinemambulante screening in order to map them with timely information in order to allow everyone to peacefully access the event.

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Cinebike is the festival that brings cycling and slow mobility closer to the film experience. As in the old drive-in tradition, but in its more environmentally friendly version, the bike-in (the Cinebike arena) can be reached by bike, on foot or on a scooter, and makes it possible to eat and drink during the screenings. The first edition of Cinebike took place from 16 to 24 June 2023 in the seaside resort of Grado.

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The bike-In cinema represents a new, slow, green way of experiencing culture, creativity and movies. A type of moviegoing that aims to encourage the use of the bicycle as an ecological means of transport and promote sustainable tourism and mobility and the network of cycle paths and pedestrian areas which are now more important than ever before. And this being the case, Grado is the perfect location for the festival: not only is it a historic holiday resort on the Adriatic sea, set in an area of immense artistic and cultural appeal, but it's also where the Alpe Adria cycle path, one of the best known and most beautiful in Europe, ends.

Cinebike aims to raise public awareness of slow mobility and offer an original, fun way of going to the movies while remaining in contact with nature in convivial and beautiful surroundings. The festival programme that will be screened in this splendid setting will offer nostalgic glimpses of the past thanks to previously unseen archive footage, as well as glimpses of the present, with recently-released films, premieres and documentaries. There's also Cinebike Shorts, a national competition aimed at schools and created in collaboration with MyMovies.

But there's more to Cinebike than just cinema. There are also book presentations, meetings with authors, km0 tastings, exhibitions and stimulating nature itineraries that will allow you to discover the local area from a cultural and at the same time ecological point of view. Cinebike means experiencing cinema in a green, sustainable and inclusive way.

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