About us

When we started,

now some twenty years ago, Videomante was making films that grew out of research in the field of anthropology.

The ethnographic documentaries we created were a way to share 'other' views on being in the world, and at the same time to better understand the world we lived in. We were also interested in the use of visual language as a possibility to imagine the future (or the many different futures). Hence the play on videomancy. Over the years, thanks to training workshops such as EURODOC, EAVE or the Torino Film Lab, our skills in the field of production have grown, and our interest has shifted towards art-house films.

Documentaries produced by Videomante have had premieres at international festivals, traveled to festivals large and small around the world, and have been supported by national and European funds. We carefully choose what we produce and put all our best energies into it. We envision Videomante as a container of ideas and reflections on filmmaking and storytelling, which is why we are also engaged in the education and dissemination of film works with events such as Cinemambulante and Cinebike.

Oggi le socie di Videomante sono Erica Barbiani, Giulia Battaglini, Lucia Candelpergher e Silvia Moras.

If Videomante is so named, it is also because Erica Barbiani, a founding member of the cooperative, has a soft spot for tarot cards. But that's another story, and if the idea of relying on chance to pry into the future amuses you can move here.