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0. The Fool
Try with a new beginning. Or let a new character jump in.

1. The Magician
You are talented, but make sure you're using all your tools.

2. The Priestess
Are you hiding something? You know full well why that part is not working.

3. The Empress
Creativity is flowing. Make sure you celebrate.

4. The Emperor
Some discipline is needed. Give yourself some rules.

5. The Pope
Watch out for people correcting you. Are they giving you the right advice?

6. The Lovers
What was your original drive? Is your motivation as strong as before?

7. The Chariot
It's time to submit your idea to someone. Jump on board.

8. Justice
There's an unbalance in your file. Fix it. Do not be afraid to cut.

9. The Hermit
Shut down your computer. Switch off your phone. New ideas enjoy silent minds.

10. The Wheel of Fortune
Sometimes it is all a matter of chance. Do not give up. Wait for your lucky time.

11. Strenght
So much passion, maybe too much? Take a look at your story with some distance.

12. The Hanged Man
You are caught in a dead end. Take a look at the story from a new point of view.

13. Death
Throw everything away and start from scratch. You'll feel better afterwards.

14. Temperance
A compromise is needed. The two perspectives are not as distant as they may seem.

15. The Devil
You are so obsessed with that idea. Is it a good idea or just an obsession?

16. The Tower
Everything is falling apart. Are you knocking at the wrong door maybe?

17. The Star
Here comes the Inspiration. Make sure you enjoy it.

18. The Moon
Too many doubts. So much criticism. So much anxiety. Turn off the light and take a nap.

19. The Sun
Success. At last. What next?

20. Judgement
It’s a good time to revisit an idea you had a while back.

21. The World
Enjoy these last moments of waiting. You are only a step away from your goal.

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